Saturday, March 01, 2008

Rami's Unfair Advantage?

There has been much emotional chatter the last few days about the Chris and Rami walkoff with fans of both sticking up for their guy. One of the issues that has been raised is the perceived inequity of Rami being able to edit his final collection from what he showed in his 3-piece walkoff with Chris.

First things first: the designers can create as many looks as they choose with their $8000 as long as they stay within budget. They just have to send 12 down the runway. And honestly, it's smart to bring along a couple of extras just in case something gets damaged, or the model fit isn't right, or you learn that you have something that looks exactly like someone else's, or whatever. He had every right to send down any 12 of the designs he created and edit anything out that he saw fit. All of the finalists can do this prior to the runway show.

The real issue it seems to us is whether or not he had an unfair advantage in the end over Christian and Jillian. He was given the opportunity (in a ridiculous plot contrivance) to get feedback on his designs from the VERY SAME JUDGES that would be deliberating the finale win. Of course he took out the coat after hearing what Nina, Heidi and MK had to say. They hated it! With that valuable knowledge in hand, he was able to replace it with another number from his rack.

Jillian and Christian did not benefit from the same opportunity to have 3 of their looks "pre-judged", if you will. We also remain befuddled by the producers continued insistence at a final 3. We thought they fixed this last season. If the final 4 (or 5) are going to show, let them all count!

It remains to be seen if this means anything in the end but was the playing field even in Bryant Park? Or was Rami just being smart by taking full advatage of the judges feedback and eliminating the piece they liked the least?