Monday, November 03, 2008

A Note From Daniel Feld

I wanted to update Blogging Project Runway with an awesome project I just finished with.

I was contracted to create futuristic outfits for the models representing the new Audi car launch. I used sheet metal, fiberglass, clear vinyl and black tire rubber. Believe me that working with these materials and creating patterns is not an easy task!!!. Mugler and Gaultier were a great inspirational source as well as robotic carapace structures. There are 2 designs and 7 models total.

The event was celebrity packed including Penn Badgley and Rosario Dawson. I was so happy with final result and am grateful for all the compliments I received.

I find it incredibly ironic to come across this project when I was eliminated right before the Saturn challenge would have taken place. I guess life works in mysterious ways and gives you second shots.

In addition I have been hired to create the new uniforms for the New York Yankees luxury suites and will update you about those designs asap.

Thank you for letting me share

Warmest Regards,