Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Project Courtroom

Photo: WireImage
Click here for the latest NYTimes article about the future of Project Runway. There is nothing at all encouraging in this article. Our best hopes were for a quick out-of-court settlement, a season six premiere in December and a February Fashion Week Finale. This now seems quite unlikely.

“From what I know about courts, it could be well into the early spring before anything is decided,” said one lawyer involved, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid further inflaming passions among the opposing parties. Barring an out-of-court settlement — and insiders say there are no such negotiations taking place — “Project Runway” seems unlikely to be back on the air for months at best.

Here is a little more:

The season finale of “Project Runway” typically takes place during New York Fashion Week, the twice-yearly series of runway shows in Bryant Park in Manhattan. The next round of those shows is scheduled for February, and a person involved in the production said that the producers of “Project Runway” were planning to shoot the finale at that time. Because each season of the series stretches out over 14 weeks, episodes of the new season could be broadcast before the final competition takes place.

Will the producers film the Bryant Park finale in February before the the show even begins to air? That seems highly unlikely. Will it be some kind of "undercover" show without a large audience? That doesn't sound like much of a prize...

What do you think?