Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Out With The Old

As 2008 grinds to a close, the news concerning Season 6 remains grim. Harvey Weinstein, NBC and Lifetime appear to be locked in an interminable legal battle over the Project Runway franchise. Heidi Klum spent this month trying to convince everyone that the show would premiere in January however Tim Gunn is not so enthusiastic. Will a New Year bring new hope?

Meanwhile, there is other news to share as we toddle our way towards 2009:

Season 5 model Karalyn West does good,
hosting a fund raiser for a lip-defect charity.

The Name's Cohen. Andy Cohen.

Season 2 designer Diana Eng is a nerd, and proud of it!

Baseball, basketball and Project Runway! Season 5 designer Joe Faris will appear at the Grand Kids Foundation celebrity charity basketball game next month.

Korto Momolu is inspirational as she speaks about Kwanzaa.

In With the New, we say!