Friday, December 05, 2008

Daniel Vosovic in Washington DC

Photo: Laura Lee

Washington-based field reporter, Laura L is back! Thank you Laura.

Daniel V made his final stop on his whirlwind book tour in the nation's capital and hometown to Tim Gunn! Daniel spoke to a packed house at the Corcoran Gallery of Art - the august institution that launched Tim Gunn's career! The audience was treated to an hour long "travelogue" of Daniel's 27 year journey - his time growing up in a terrific family in Michigan, his accomplishments as a nationally ranked gymnast and his tough decision to leave behind that career (as well as the college scholarship money), his subsequent community college years of study and the "birthing" of the Grand Rapids' fashion scene, his move to NYC and FIT, his transformation in Italy - "a place where he could just be", his Project Runway experience, and the last 2 years spent acquiring his "patina" in the NYC fashion scene! What a wonderdul ride!

And then there's the book -- Daniel Vosovic: Fashion Inside and Out! And to make an even great evening better - Michael Turek, the incredibly talented and enlightened photographer who collaboratored with Daniel on the book, was in town visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday (a native Washingtonian) and stayed an extra day to hang at the Corcoran! Just the sight of those two sitting together on stage was worth the price of admission! Enough said - good luck to two incredibly talented, gorgeous, and GRACIOUS humans!! Thanks!