Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tim Gunn in Madison

Dear BPR,

Tim appeared at the Madison Women’s Expo, and spoke about an hour on fashion, style, and Project Runway. The exciting part, for me, was trying to obtain an autograph from Sir Tim himself. To be honest, ‘change-agent Tim’ (from the work he did at Parsons and now Liz Claiborne,) fascinates me more than the fashion-guru. However, my sister was more concerned with what she was going to wear. “I’m a little nervous, she said. “Not because of his celebrity, but rather I feel the need to gain his approval.” She did not take off her stylish new winter coat for one second, being afraid to disappoint.

Waiting for an autograph from Tim Gunn is like being like Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” when he’s waiting for Santa. I had everything planned as to what to say, because I knew I had a short amount of time to talk. I was there to obtain his autograph on one of Emmett McCarthy’s bobbleheads, and the bobblehead would be auctioned off this spring at a fundraiser for Madison AIDS Network.

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