Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All Stars Go To Paris! Christmas Challenge!

Project Runway All-Stars host, Carolyn Murphy reveals some details about season 2 in The Hollywood Reporter.

A highlight: 

THR: You also mentioned the challenges this season. Can you share what some of them were? Murphy: We had an unconventional challenge that got everybody in the mood for Christmas that was super fun. And with that challenge, I was jaw-dropped. I was there when we presented the challenge, and I thought, there is no way they are going to be able to create a look out of this stuff. This is what makes Project Runway so much fun, and this one was mind-blowing. 

 There also was an eco-friendly challenge that was quite interesting because they had different fabrics to work with, and I always love the message behind that. 

And there is a really cool graffiti challenge that exposes a whole other side of New York and how art influences fashion. I think that one everyone liked most of all was the one where they all got to go to Paris and really got to push their creativity. 

 THR: You traveled overseas for a challenge? That's a first for the franchise. 

 Murphy: It was a big, big deal. There were literally tears when we said, "Go get your passports." They couldn't believe we were going to Paris to visit one of the biggest fashion houses in the world.

 THR: Which one? 

 Murphy: I think I have to keep that secret for now. 

Of course BPR readers and true Project Runway fans know that this is not the first time Project Runway has traveled to Paris - they also went in Season THREE in a very memorable episode.

 In fact, if Kayne and Uli make this trip - it will be their second time to travel to Paris with Project Runway!