Tuesday, October 09, 2012

BPR Interview with Sonjia Williams

Project Runway Season 10 designer, Sonjia Williams, talks about her experience on the show.  

Thank you Sonjia!

A highlight:

BPR: Even though you were eliminated, you still got to show a collection at Fashion Week. Congratulations! 

 SW: Thank you. 

BPR: Of course we could tell right away that it was you. 

SW: Yes, the first look had the head wrap... 

BPR: That's a great signature for you. Have you always worn a head wrap? 

SW: Actually, it's kind of my "bad hair day" look. Sometimes I just like the way it will make my outfit look and if I don't have time to fix my hair, I can still look fun and funky. 

BPR: Is this the same collection you would have made if you were still in the competition? 

SW: Yes.  Whether they love or hate it, doesn't matter. Even when I was in the competition I never really wanted to make things that were safe and that what the judges wanted. I just wanted to make something that was really "me" and that is what I did for the finale. 

 BPR: Which is your favorite design in the collection? 

SW: Definitely my finale piece. It was short, it was long, had fringe in the middle...

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