Monday, October 01, 2012

Amanda's Take, Season 10, Episode 11

Project Runway Supermodel Amanda Fields offers her "take" on "It's Fashion Baby." Thank you Amanda!

Can you believe it? Down to the final 6 for Season Ten! So close to fashion week! I am always in favor of a challenge that inspires the designers to create something out of their typical repertoire. To really go out on a limb and see where they can push themselves. Well done! 

The only thing that did not seem to make sense? The baby dolls that they had to take care of while they were supposed to be cutting patterns and sewing. Yes, if they are not parents themselves, (which none of them were), it is beneficial to understand the needs of clothing a baby. But couldn't they somehow have achieved this just through spending time with their Mom & Baby teams? 

I thought all of the moms and babies were just precious on the runway. No critiques from me! I have walked the runway with young kids, with a poodle on a leash, a labarador retriever on a leash, and holding a pomeranian, but I have never been sent down the runway with a baby. 

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