Wednesday, April 02, 2014

BPR Interview with Dani Vierra

After last week's episode (and reading Nick's Dish and watching Tim Talks...) I was curious about "Dani's Take" on the challenge. 

Dani Vierra graciously agreed to an interview and she shares her experience with BPR - thank you Dani!

A highlight:

BPR: When you had your first meeting with Oscar, what did you ask for? Did you say that you wanted a pageant gown? Did you talk about color? 

DV: I did actually. When I was originally invited on the show, before taping, I thought long and hard about what I would want. It's a chance to have a beautiful couture piece handmade by a talented up and coming designer. I told myself, regardless of who I was paired with, I would demand an evening gown because : 
A) It's something that I simply cannot "buy" at the store (all my pageant gowns are from the teen section and altered. I'm only 4'10" and 80lbs, which distorts the shape) 

B) I can buy everything else on the rack and have it altered and unlike an evening gown it won't look weird after. 

C) It's an original commissioned piece by a designer. It's something I can own and cherish for a lifetime. It's a classical design and will never lose it's beauty. Getting paired with Oscar was probably the best thing that ever could have happened. He is definitely my fashion soulmate. I told Oscar and Nick about my involvement in pageants but that I wanted something more "red carpet" that could crossover into pageant. 

The color I had no idea what I wanted. I love colors but have trouble picking one for myself. We talked a lot about the color and hadn't come to a definite "I want this" and I told Oscar that I trusted his professional decision. The color gown he picked is actually my Mom's favorite color and definitely in my top five (my favorite color is Bright Orange which is hardly an evening gown color!!). I love the color and I am glad I asked him to pick something because if I had it would have ended up being like... ridiculous! I always say "trust your designer!" 

Click here for the full interview.