Monday, October 20, 2014

Boston Field Report: Sam Donovan Collection

BPR ace field reporter Tina G. stayed out past her bedtime last week to catch the new collection from Under The Gunn favorite Sam Donovan at the Liberty Hotel in Boston. Nothing but raves from a pretty discerning eye:

Who is she and where is she going?  Tim Gunn might come to mind when you read this phrase, but it’s also a phrase that Sam Donovan, fashion designer and first runner-up on Lifetime’s Project Runway: Under the Gunn, draws from when designing clothing.  He stresses the importance of this phrase, especially for young designers.

Those of us who were lucky enough to attend Sam’s latest show also wanted to know How could we be her?  Sam’s show, a part of The Liberty Hotel Boston’s Fashionably Late series, included pants, tops, dresses and even a jumpsuit. Sam has a knack for designing fashionable items that women of any age can wear.

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