Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Cure For TGW...

...a note from Tim!

Hi Laura!

Happy 4th!!

You're not surprised that I love Chloe's collection, are you? I especially like the sportswear, which for me is Chloe's signature work. And the printed halter dress is stunning. Who designed the menswear? Was is Chloe's colleague at Lot 8? I met him when I visited her last December. His work is very good and complements her work very well.

Are you having a big 4th of July gathering? I picture you and your family and friends gathered around picnic tables and grilling up a storm. I'm practically alone here in NYC. I've holed myself up, because I have a serious deadline for a book. Did I tell you about it? In any case, Tim the Hermit is very happy hibernating.

... Can't wait for the season to start... I know that everyone is most eager to know who is asked to leave and the details and the circumstances. That will happen soon enough!

All best to you, your family, Scarlett and Tbone, and the readers!