Sunday, July 16, 2006

Debby and Dee do Emmett's EMc2

I had such a good time at Emmett’s event in NYC (Wednesday, July 12). I had planned to get there early so that it wouldn’t be too crowded and I could meet everyone. I really went especially to see Nick since I wasn’t sure that there would be another opportunity on the East Coast that I could get to. I feel embarrassed to seem so “star-struck” but as many others have said I felt a connection to Nick and the other designers. I also wanted to be respectful since this event was billed as a SALE....

... We finally made to the store and although parking was scarce we did manage to park my van right in front of the store. As I mentioned in a previous post, I use a power wheelchair to get around, so we got the ramp from the back of the van and into the store I went.

Wow!!! It was an amazing experience. Emmett and his staff were very warm and welcoming. I mentioned that I was long time reader of BPR and people almost fell over themselves to say hello. It was like a reunion of long lost friends.

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