Thursday, July 13, 2006

Good Luck Uncle Kayne!

This is from Kayne's sister, Andrea:
I have three daughters....Savannah, Lexi and Taylor. My oldest just loves BPR and knows more about the show than any six year old should. They really wanted to do something special for the premiere night. We had fun with the drinking game. No need to call the authorities just yet..... there was no alcohol involved but we did drink a lot of Mt.Dew!! They made signs to hold up and wave everytime they saw uncle Kayne on the television. Not only did they wave the signs but they also screamed "UNCLE KAYNE ROCKS THE RUNWAY!!!" We had some serious party animals on our hands!

Good morning girls, be sure to hold your mouse over the photos! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures.

BeePeRs, This is the kind of thing that makes me really appreciate the "family-friendly" nature of our blog.