Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Immunity? And other news ...

According to this article in The Boston Herald, the winning designer gets immunity. I'm not surprised. Season Two designers played it a little safe and seemed content to remain in the middle of the pack. This should bring out some real creativity.

Any bets on how many times we will hear, "It's a good thing you have immunity because otherwise, you would be out."????

Also, in the news today here is an article about Michael Knight.

Click here for an article that focuses on Malan Breton and Laura Bennett.

Thanks Justin.

Click here for an article about Angela Keslar.
Thanks Chris.

Click here for an AOL video that shows the ladies moving into the Atlas. Hmmm ... the Atlas ....

Thanks Liz.

ETA: Click here for an article in The Seattle Times that mentions, among others Jeffrey Sebelia and Kayne Gillaspie.
Thanks Brenda.