Friday, July 14, 2006

More Season Two Designer Updates!

Marla Duran is featured in the August issue of
Threads magazine. The article is called "Take a Fresh Look at Patchwork." Congratulations Marla!

Diana Eng and Emily Albinski have their new Black Box Nation Website and on-line store up. It looks great, girls!

Kara Janx will be presenting a fall trunk show on July 27th from 6:00PM—8:30PM at Girlshop Boutique, 819 Washington St., between Gansevoort & Little W. 12th, NYC, hosted by Girlshop's Laura Eisman and New York Magazine's Aja Mangum. Could we get a Field Reporter?
Thanks Robin.

Last, I have a note from Daniel Franco!

Dear Laura,

What the online community did not see is that my designs did make the cover "in print" of the LA times this weekend! : ) In fact, it was the section that envelops the saturday edition of the LA times, so in actuality, I was the cover of the entire paper this weekend. I am thrilled and humbled. This is monumental as I believe I am the first designer from Runway ( Post Runway designer/ non-runway winner ) to have
my design work featured in a major major newspaper. I feel so blessed. It is an honest article from an honest writer and critic of serious design...Booth Moore. Know her! She knows what she is talking about. She is our best fashion critic and not an entertainment critic.

I hope that this can be an inspiration to all artists/designers from the show that felt defeated or worse...get devastatingly bashed and hurt publicly... that if one "Follows One's Bliss Always" then your path will forever brighten. I hope to continue to prove that these are not hollow words and that my love of design will one day be in your lives as well. That is all I ask for...may my passion inspire your passion so that one day your work can touch my life as well.

Viva Design! Viva Integrity! Viva True Friends! Viva Art! Viva Project Runway!

With Love and Respect,

Daniel Franco