Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Name That Episode

Season 2 of Project Runway always provided us with a little fun guessing game of "what will be the next challenge" based solely on the Episode title. Titles such as "Team Lingerie" left little to the imagination, but something along the lines of "Flower Power" brought out some amusing suggestions.

This year, alas, all we have to go on is "
301", 302", 303", etc. This is probably due to the rushed production schedule of Season 3. Most of the episodes are probably not even in the can yet. This season, maybe we can do it in reverse. We'll share what we know about the episode and you give it the title!

According to
TV Guide: The aspiring designers engage in a bit of animalistic behavior during the first challenge of this week's third-season premiere: They have 15 minutes to rip materials for a garment from the contents of their apartments.

So, what title would you suggest for Episode 1?

ETA: And the winner is: "Home Sewn"! Thanks RJ!