Monday, July 10, 2006

Premiere Night Drinking Game

The BPR production staff does not condone inebriating oneself as a healthy lifestyle pursuit. However, we know there will be many premiere viewing parties throughout the land and have devised this little drinking game to make the night even more fun.

Note that while other drinking games will encourage you to "Drink!" ours merely recommends a sip. A tiny one. Unless your beverage is non-alcoholic. Then you may drink to your hearts delight.

Okay the first hour is "Road to the Runway" so whenever you hear the phrase "Our next stop..." take a sip. Also:

Whenever there is a PR commercial.
Whenever you see or hear the word "Macy's"
Whenever you see any alcohol on the show. If they take a sip, we take a sip.
Whenever Tim touches his eyeglasses.
Whenever Daniel Vosovic touches his hair.

Whenever you see Tbone.
If you hear "We're putting you through to the next level" or "Congratulations!"
Anytime a word is bleeped.
Anytime you hear the word "responded" or "responding."
Take a sip for every Saturn commercial or every time a Saturn car is featured.
If Chloe says "For real."
If Nick says "Pitchety Patch."
If Santino says "Ronald McDonald"

For the first episode, take a sip whenever Tim says:
"Make it work,"
"Gather 'round" or
"We're gonna have to ask you to leave."

Take a sip if Heidi says, "Models, this is a competition for you as well."
Take a sip every time you see or hear the word "Atlas."
Take a sip if there is any reference to Barbie.
Or if anyone says: "I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to win."
Any blurred shots of models getting dressed.
When we hear "Auf Wiedersehen," we're done!

Most importantly, after playing this a cab!