Saturday, July 08, 2006

Project Runway at Outfest

Here are the Getty Photos from the Project Runway Outfest event last night in Los Angeles. It is really fun to see the designers out and having fun. In my mind I'm trying to imagine the conversations. I'm sure that Nick and Kayne are already fast friends. Can't you see it?

Look, there is Kirsten Ehrig! Hi Kirsten!

They spelled Malan wrong... He looks like it was the end of a long evening... have fun last night Malan? Feeling well this morning?

And there is John Wade, and Vincent Libretti, and Hey! THERE'S ANDRAE!

Okay - this is too much fun. I was going to try to invent a clever caption for the photo of Guadalupe but I thought it would be better to let you have a crack at it. As a reminder - this is her dress from the "Clothes Off Your Back" challenge. Her boyfriend bid on it so that she could have it back. She incorporated some very interesting elements. you can see her famous "shoes as epaulets" on the shoulders and supposedly even her underwear elastic has been included in this design. (I can't exactly identify the elastic. I don't want to get TOO close.) Anyway, readers... How about a caption for this photo of Guadalupe Vidal!?!?!