Saturday, July 15, 2006

Speculation for Episode 2

Well after checking out the preview and watching the promos for the next episode - here is what we know: The designers will be in pairs. Possible teams are:

Uli and Bonnie
Katy and Malan
Vincent and Angela
Keith and Bradley
Alison and Jeffrey
Kayne and Robert...

SCREECH - Kayne and Robert! For an evening gown? TOO FAB FOR WORDS! But wait - is it too obvious? Will there be conflict? Whose point-of-view will prevail? Also we hear that the client is looking for "earth tones" and these two are considering iridescent purple sheer fabric at Mood. Is that an earth tone......?

How will they be paired up? Randomly? By choice?

Also, it seems that one person is the "leader." How will that be determined? Also they will be designing for a specific person. Who will it be? Whoever it is she has something specific in mind. Did I hear the word "royalty?" "American Royalty?" Hmmmm... There is one person who has claimed to be "The closest thing to American Royalty" but no one took her seriously. Besides, featuring her sister on season two was (in my humble opinion) a gross misstep. What do you think? Who will it be? "Queen" Latifah? She has a royal name. Hee. That was a joke folks. Tim hinted that we would have a challenge for a real-sized client, is it Latifah? But wait - who is going to model these garments? Post your ideas in the comments.

Okay - Will there be a double elimination? How does this work with Keith having immunity? Will his "partner" have immunity too. Because I'm thinking that with the way that these things usually go - the one with immunity will inevitably hear the words: "It's a good thing that you have immunity because otherwise you would be out." Does this mean Bradley could be out if their gown has the lowest scores? Okay, Scarlett says there's no way a double-elimination will work with immunity. So will Keith slack off and leave Bradley dangling? Is he that strategic? That selfish? That TIRED? We shall see.... Oh that scene with Bradley strangling himself isn't helping. Is Bradley doomed? The fact that the Bravo website's "Rate the Runway" feature referred to him as "Brandon" doesn't bode well.....

Okay, the remaining pair is: Laura and Michael - pause and reflect on this pair - I'm pretty sure these two will be safe in this challenge. Elegance and Innovation? Hello? No problem.

Uli and Bonnie seem like two easygoing designers. Probably not much drama there.

Previews show distress from our precious Katy.... NOOoooooo.... Of course these are usually red herrings - but not always....

And Vincent - but he is just a dramatic guy - nothing to be concerned about. Right? I'm thinking this episode is going to be all about Vincent and Angela. BUT they will neither win nor lose. What do you think? I know you are dying to say! If you have already posted your speculations on another thread, it is okay to post again here so that we can keep them all together.