Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Spoiler

We are posting this in the interest of publishing 'All Project Runway - All the Time.' Please be warned that it contains a major spoiler (that appears in a leading newspaper) concerning the outcome of tonight's challenge and that we can't be certain of the accuracy.

Because of the nature of this spoiler, we are not allowing comments on this thread. We also ask that you not post this spoiler within the other comments. Please don't ruin the fun for those who want to make the discovery tonight watching the show. If you do, you might hear this phrase from us. If you want to vent, do so by emailing Team BPR.

Now that you have been warned, here it is; please, no hate ... you were warned and we don't know if it is true.

ETA: Here is a note from Tim Gunn: Bravo just called me about the Washington Post spoiler. I immediately went to your site and what do I find? You already know and you're handling it with the greatest diplomacy and respect and care. I just wanted to write to say how meaningful that is for all of us.