Monday, August 20, 2007

BPR at NIKOLAKI - Part Two

As we were waiting for dusk and for the show to begin we were offered complimentary wine. There was a cash bar as well. The journalists were out in full force interviewing and taking photos. Several approached us. Whenever I admitted I was a "Blogger" I felt like they might just turn away or say "Uh, never mind...." but they didn't. I truly believe that Bloggers are gaining respect - yay!

Of course I still haven't seen any of my interviews in print or online...

The NIKOLAKI logo was projected onto the side of the hotel. As it grew darker the logo became more prominent. Roz took all of these photos - thanks again, Roz!

At last Leah announced that the show was about to begin!

The first look came down the runway - do you recognize this model?

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