Sunday, August 26, 2007

From The Mailbox

First, here is a great Tim Gunn story from the Advocate. Yes, Tim is bestowing a blessing on the author in the photo above...

Although I have read many articles and interviews about Tim Gunn somehow I have managed to miss any reference to his salary at Liz Claiborne. This one reveals it.

Hmmmmmm..... Somehow I am very skeptical of that number.

UPDATE: My Wall Street expert checked the 2007 proxy statement for Liz Claiborne and noted that the CEO of the company makes $900,000. It is highly unlikely that Tim makes the amount quoted in the article.

Speaking of Tim, he is still on the schedule for an appearance on September 30th at the Baltimore Book Festival.

Our friends at Buddy TV have a great feature about Nina Garcia and her new book.

Here is an article about the Seattle "La Mode" event with Nick Verreos and Andrae Gonzalo.