Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More from San Diego

On Friday morning Kaitlin wanted to take a dance class here, so Roz and I dropped her off and went shopping. Meanwhile Nick called to thank us for coming to the show. A little later David called to invite us to a family barbecue at his his mom's house!

Of course we were delighted to say yes. Hee! David was raised in San Diego and his mom still lives in the same house. After an afternoon at the zoo, we headed to Conchita's for the party.

We were entertained with a song by David's niece Emilie. Here are Kaitlin and Emilie -

We enjoyed a delicious meal of traditional Mexican food - meat freshly grilled by our host Chris. We described our favorite outfits and our favorite moments from the previous evening's show.

Here are Roz and Nick -

Nick's family with cousin Emilie - (who is not at all camera-shy.)

And here I insinuated myself into their family portrait... :)

From left to right are Rita with Casia, David's sister Marisa with her daughters Samantha and Emilie, Marisa's husband Tommy, David, Me, David's stepdad Chris (a little shy) Nick, David's mom (and our hostess) Conchita, Nick's mom Raquel and his dad Jim, David's sister Elise and her daughter Katie. In the chair is Rita's son Alain who very dramatically lost a tooth that evening in a Snicker bar.

On behalf of all of us at BPR, I would like to thank Nick and David for inviting us to the show and to Conchita for including us in her celebration. We had a fabulous time.

On a personal note, it was wonderful to meet Roz. She took most of the photos in these posts and I now consider her a precious sister. This event has been a perfect reminder that BPR is a community of the friends of Project Runway.