Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BPR Love For Jack Mackenroth

Longtime BPRs remember that we profiled Jack first when he auditioned for Season Three. We were captivated by his charm, his smile and his talent.

Even though he didn't make it on to that season, we were delighted to learn that he would be in Season Four. He was an early favorite and demonstrated his skill especially in the menswear challenge where many of the designers faltered.

Jack was smart to use his shorts as a pattern and also generous to share with other designers.

We loved seeing him carry Christian into the workroom. Jack was always entertaining.

One of our favorite things about Jack is that he has embraced the on-line community of fans. He has a definite presence with his website and regular updates on his MySpace account. He is accessible to his fans too - appearing at EMc2 on Sunday.

Every day brings dozens of links to on-line articles about Jack. It seems that there is a ton of interest in the handsome designer - far beyond Project Runway.

He even has a "walk-on" role in the highly-anticipated "Sex And The City" movie!

When the news about a relationship between Top Chef's Dale Levitsky and Jack broke we were thrilled. This is a compelling story. Dale lives in Chicago and Jack is in New York. What will happen? Wouldn't it be great if Bravo followed their story?

BPRs can you invent a reality show for Jack and Dale? What would you call it? What would it be about? Would you watch?

This post is to leave positive comments for Jack and to suggest ideas for a new Reality Show featuring Jack and Dale (We are serious about this!!!) Thanks BPRs.

And for fun, watch Jack in his Flashdance spoof below (please 'favorite' this video - it is one of the top rated comedy videos of today):