Monday, January 07, 2008

Ask The Fashion Professor

Dear Professor Cady,

I'm intrigued to watch the designers draping on the mannequins. As a person trained in flat pattern (commercial) construction, I want to know more.

I own a couple of mannequins, but I've gained 20 pounds or so and they're adjusted to the max. What's the best way to alter the dress form to more closely match my pleasant but chubby shape? I was thinking of wrapping fleece around it, but that doesn't sound exact enough to achieve good fit.


Dear Margaret,

Precision and accuracy are essential in patternmaking either on the form or in the flat - so your intuition about padding the form is correct - probably not the best way to proceed.

However you have some skills so - give it a shot and see what results you get. If things don't work out - trade up to a form that will adjust to your size - craigslist or eBay may work.

Thanks for the question and good luck!

A Very Happy New Year to fans of the site - I'm looking forward to an exciting, star studded, glamorous, bitchy and creative finale to season 4!



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