Saturday, January 05, 2008

BPR Interview With Elisa Jimenez

Elisa Jimenez is a Project Runway contestant like no other. Her sweet, gentle spirit and kindness never faltered in the pressure cooker of the Parsons workroom. Elisa took time out to give BPR a special glimpse into the world of this "Creative Maker":

BPR: Hi Elisa - you managed to captivate a legion of fans who are crushed by your departure. Do you have any message for them in the wake of your elimination?

EJ: Wow, I am truly grateful. "In the wake of my elimination" I must emphasize that I had a truly amazing time with Project Runway and I was vivified and inspired by my experience including the critiques and departure. My departure simply fortified my self identity as an avatar and an artist. Everyone has different ways of creating. I will still do my work, apply my new lessons, and make all my ideas come to fruition in various media.

Thank you so much for the support and belief. Listen to your heart allways and believe in yourself.

BPR: You mentioned the serious accident in London that you and your daughter Calliope were involved in. What was the biggest change in your life after this event?

EJ: The biggest change in my life after the near-death accident in London was multi-dimensional, but in a nutshell 3 most dramatic changes affected and still affect me today: (1.) I will never be able to take my body or life for granted, ever; (2.) Nothing is as important as the people you love and who entrust their love to you, humility and gratitude are paramount. (3.) I have a different kind of constant Innocence that must be protected. I get overwhelmed easily and therefore must keep a resource of meditations on hand to center and clear myself.

BPR: Does your daughter have artistic talent? Does she sew?

EJ: My daughter Calliope is extremely talented and very smart for her age, and I am not just being a biased mama. She is a writer and a Manga artist by devotion. Additionally, she is working on her first novel.

She feels she can not escape the generational heritage of her family, so is committed to the artistic life. However, to note, she is far more business and money smart than her mother. She is 11.

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