Thursday, January 03, 2008

BPR Love for Elisa Jimenez

You are such a rare breed - an artist without an ego, a selfless, creative genius. We were intrigued by your bio - a puppeteer that's been in Vogue, Elle and Harper's? How could you live up to our expectations? And yet you exceeded them as you imbibed and imbued your fashions with spirit, essence and energy. Sarah Jessica loved your polymorphic dress and we were enchanted to learn that you came to our planet with gifts. Your gallantry in stating you would select yourself out in the group challenge was endearing and your modesty in the menswear outing was charming. And when you left, you elected to find the good in the situation, to tell us how much you had learned from the experience. You are simply a beautiful spirit with such positive chi that one can't help but know that you are destined to do so much more in your life beyond Runway.

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