Friday, January 04, 2008

From The Mailbox

BPR reader "TB_CreativeCritic" sends along his rendition of a celebrity look-a-like: Christian Siriano and the fashionable Edna Mode from The Incredibles. What do you think?

Elisa is making the interview rounds and every one of them is worth checking out. Here's her interview with (where we learn that she doesn't even own a television!), Buddy TV, and Stylehive. Our favorite from the EW interview:

EW: Were you offended when Chris said you were from another planet?
EJ: He actually turned to me and asked if I was offended. I said, ''You know, Chris, if you had been the only person who'd ever said, maybe. But I had people who loved me for years, and that's what they love about me.''

Attention Macon, Georgia! Kayne Gillaspie will be hosting the "Hopes and Dreams Prom Fashion Show" tomorrow. He's doing autographs and photos, too! Click here for all the details.

Tim Gunn and Chloe Dao will be featured at the "Slim Your Style" fashion show in Los Angeles next Tuesday. This event is a kickoff for Slim Fast's "Find Your Slim" campaign and will feature 10 weight-loss success stories wearing Chloe Dao designs, assisted by Tim Gunn! Stay tuned to BPR for more on this event.