Thursday, January 03, 2008

From The Mailbox

This image has been blatantly stolen from Midseasonreplacements.

VH-1's Best Week Ever notes that Project Runway is fun again, but no one cares... Hey, WE care.

Buzzsugar predicts that Sweet P is next to go. NO!!!!!

Newsday has posted a fabulous new interview with Jillian Lewis. Stirrups and a bra? What would Tim Gunn say?

Second City Style is keeping a running tally of memorable quotes from each episode. Before you click on the link, try to guess the selections from last night. Thanks Lauren.

Malan Breton interviewed Luca Orlandi for La'G Magazine. Thanks Nancy T.

Entertainment Weekly posts "Wrapper's Delight."

Finally, BPRs, here is a direct link to Tim's Take.

What a fun episode!