Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Note From Sweet P


I want to say I did love doing the All-Star Challenge, but was not happy about the way it was edited. I think that we came there with a mutual respect for each other and because there was no real drama they chose to edit it as if there were.

I don't want to get too philosophical, but I guess they subscribe to the thought that people don't want too watch something positive... For crying out loud Project Runway is not Tila Tequila so just let it be real. I prefer to watch shows like Top Chef Masters, no bull, no backstabbing but real mutual respect, kindness and great talent. That is where I see a big difference in the production.

We were all friendly, especially us girls. We love each other but they chose to edit it in a way where it looks as though Uli & I are not at all friendly. We were laughing about how we like the same things. As you can see our stuff came out totally different. I love mine and I love hers.

I don't want to say who should have won or not won. I think it is subjective. I think we all did our thing and they all have merit. We had so much fun. Of course Santino made all of us laugh so much.

I had such a great time and felt very confident the entire time. I finished on time for once even though I still chose hard-to-sew fabrics (I said I wouldn't make that mistake.) I still love my collection and feel it is very wearable, sellable and I can definitely see Nicole Kidman in my red carpet dress(great color for her.)

I also want to say it sucks to read when people rip us to shreds. ANY OF US! That is one reason I don't look at blog comments anymore. I can't stand the nameless, faceless cowards who stand in judgment of people who are actually doing something. I guess they never heard "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all." It is funny how not one person has ever come up to me and said those things.

With that being said I know people have favorites etc, but really some of the name calling and cheap shots are so unkind.

I would suggest meditation.

Sweet P