Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Note From Uli Herzner

Hi Laura and BPR,

I absolutely loved to be on the All-Star Challenge. Especially meeting designers from other seasons. Sweet P and Korto are supernice and talented and I am so happy to get to know them. We became really good friends.

We did not like that the editing of the show made us look like is too short to waste time and energy in confrontations and fights. There was so much love, fun and respect in the workroom this time around....we all respected each other ....but it's a tv show ... so the producers had to create drama for the viewer...I guess.

The challenge .. I thought was the best ever !!!! We all had a chance to show "how we have evolved and what we are up to now." ... I guess I must have missed the part where I got a different challenge "to make a printed collection" ....because the fact that I have moved on as well and also grown as a designer....was pretty much dismissed by the judges

What? ..... did they really want me to do the same thing again as 3 years ago? Isn't fashion about creating new things every season?

If they would have criticized the pieces I did ... but no ... they totally ignored my collection .... and were asking for the prints ....which they hated so much the last time around...and Nina saying I lost my spirit .....that's an insult !!!!
I never lost my spirit ....and even if they try very hard ...I will never lose my spirit !!!!!!

I just don't want to be put in a box (in my case, the printed, flowy, hippie...Uli box.)

I am always inspired by ..what I want to wear ....and I don't want to wear the same stuff over and over again. How often can you wear a loud print?....and "hippies" don't really have the money the buy my stuff.

(I am sorry pieces are expensive .... because you need a ton of money to be able to produce in China sell a cheap mass-produced product, and as we all know ...I never won any money to do that)

So, I have to admit ...
I was really devastated and crying my eyes out.
I just did not quite understand ..felt like... getting hit by a truck...
but after a lot of hugs and support from my fellow designers, a glass of wine and a good night sleep....the world looked all bright again the next day.

There are no winners and losers.
I think the producers were looking for another "Christian " ...and they found him in Daniel ..who did a great job ...and is a great representation for an "All-Star winner" and the Project Runway show.
Me...on the other hand..not so much !

I am happy that I was part of the "All-Star Challenge."
I think there are many, talented, young designers out there ...who would kill for that chance, and I really enjoyed the time there...not regretting it all and I will keep moving forward ... in "baby steps"

Life is good !!!
I have my little design company ....making pieces for high-end boutiques and private pressure one telling me what to do ....all the creative freedom I want (Because I am a free spirit!) and about 2 weeks out of the month I still work as a fashion stylist on photo shoots. I get to spend time with a great group of people and travel to fantastic locations ....and I love it.
I am following my dreams !!!!!!!

thanks for reading this
peace and love