Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chloe Dao Fashion Show Field Report

Houston-based Field Reporter John C joined Tina from Boston at Chloe Dao's fashion Show last week. Thank you both!

Hey BPR!

I was lucky enough to attend Chloe Dao's Fall 2009 fashion show this past week in Houston! Tina from Boston happened to be in Houston for the week, so we attended the show together! Tina and I met thanks to BPR at the PR finale this past February. Chloe certainly did Houston proud, and continued her quest to bring our city into the fashion world.

Chloe promised "Destruction, Death, and Rebirth" for her Fall 2009 fashion show, and she certainly delivered. Through the past 3 years of attending Chloe's show, I can proudly state that this is her finest collection to date. Her color palette ranged from black, grey, blue, burgundy, and a touch of metallic. She combined elements of her past designs (glamorous evening gowns, baby doll dresses) with exciting and fresh silhouettes and fabrics. She showed a talent for knitwear with a voluminous jacket and vest, and spiced up her evening wear with geometric patterns, one-shouldered tops, and necklines embellished with just the right amount of ruffles. The footwear included a few thigh-high boots, and the pumps were wrapped in fabric that tied the entire collection together.

Chloe's show exuded the darkness associated with destruction through her choice of colors and smoky makeup, but promised the joy of rebirth through her innovative patterns and silhouettes. Congratulations Chloe!

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