Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Project Runway Fantasy Game Update from Mark Y - Week 3

Greetings, Fantasy Fashionistas!

In Week Three of the Project Runway Fantasy Game, the designers will be seeing red it seems. Red fabric that is, in an inspiring challenge with everyday women whose lives have been impacted by heart disease. Good for Project Runway for raising awareness in a fashionable way. The all red challenge evens the playing field as well.

How are you all scoring? Some players are picking well with 50-plus points. I scored big last week thanks to a smart pick - Mila. Odds are one of the boys will say bye bye this week, and any way, as delightful as he is, Anthony hasn't been scoring well, I'm sorry to say. I'll sit him and Emilio on the Blue Fly Accessory Wall and re-fit the team with Amy and Anna. I think Anna will be our next sleeper success. I've liked all of her looks so far.

The PRSuperfan team continues to grow. KarlinW, swisschocolate, and inthisguise have just joined in the last few days. BPR regulars Suzq, TropicalChrome, SewLikeTheWind and John C have been on board from the beginning. See you all in the Party Room as ususal!

If you're not on the team yet, it's not too late. Click here to sign up.