Sunday, August 01, 2010

Amanda's Take - Season 8, Episode 1

Project Runway Season Three Model, Amanda Fields returns to present her perspective on Season 8. Thank you Amanda!

Amanda Update: I can confirm that I am on a huge video billboard in Times Square for Hair Battle Spectacular! I am a model on this exciting new show that premieres Tuesday August 10th at 10pm on Oxygen! Another dream come true! Here is a photo of me with judge Derek Jae, Host Brooke Burns, Judge Lindsay Albanese and another model from the show, Kendall earlier this week promoting the show at the NBC Universal Television Critics Association event! I ran into Andy Cohen from Bravo who was there to promote The Real Housewives of D.C.!

Let's get to it!!
So far I love the season 8 cast. The colors on the walls in the work rooms and the sewing room are fresh. The set design of the show has evolved in a gorgeous way. The runway surface is so beautiful. It's smooth and reflects the light which will help us get a better look at the outfits. I believe the runway is LONGER too (more runway time = more TV time)! The fashion show was 6 minutes all together, and I love it! I think it's the most important part (of course). They changed the chairs for the judges to sit in too! Another adorable update.

Michael Costello! I have had the pleasure of modeling in a fashion show for him this past spring! He is a sweetheart, his designs are elegant and fun to wear, and of course I am rooting for him!

Amanda models for Michael Costello

I thought Jason would be eliminated based on the stapled backwards kimono. I guess they wanted to see what he would do given the critique to sew.

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