Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tonight On BPR

Photo: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime Television

It's back to familiar ground for Project Runway this evening as they kick off Episode 2 from the Atlas rooftop. Marie Claire magazine Editor-In-Chief Joanna Coles returns on what appears to be a steamy day by the looks of the Manhattan skyline. Things will be heating up around here tonight as well. Here's the plan:
  • The BPR party room will be in full swing starting at 8:30 p.m. Come chime in on the happenings as we watch Episode 2 together. Die-hards are welcome to stick around for the Austin & Santino show afterwards. It's good, sometimes clean snarky fun!
  • Tbone and suzq will be in the BPR play-play-play booth describing all the drama and design as it airs live from the east coast. We have the comment option open there as well for all of you without Lifetime access and others who can't wait to be spoiled.
  • After the show, please stop by our weekly reactions thread to tell us what you really thought of the episode.
It's another Thursday night on BPR, we'll see you here!