Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amanda's Take - Season 8 - Episode 3

Project Runway Season Three Model, Amanda Fields is back with her "Model's Perspective" on Episode 3. Thank you Amanda!

I absolutely love challenges on Project Runway that involve working with materials that aren't fabric. It gives the viewers a new perspective into the design process and takes the designers out of their comfort zone. It's fun too as a model to show up and find out you are wearing something more complex than your average cocktail dress. For some models it's not so fun though because these "unconventional" materials can be quite uncomfortable to wear. It can also be annoying because you sometimes need to stand in the outfit once you are dressed. No sitting - for hours.

April's model Millana must be commended this week! She let her designer know in the fitting that the dress was poking her in the face as she moved and it was sharp. I'm not sure if April altered this to make Millana more comfortable or not, but this model really wore it well because she didn't let the audience know it bothered her AT ALL. I also loved her hair styled straight, sleek and modern. Do I perhaps see a little Iman in her? She really came out of her shell this week in my opinion.

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