Monday, December 12, 2011

Elisa Jimenez and Austin Scarlett at Neiman Marcus All-Stars Event

Project Runway All-Star designers, Austin Scarlett and Elisa Jimenez were at Neiman Marcus in White Plains on Saturday. BPR Field Reporter Mark Y sends us this report. Thanks Mark!

Austin Scarlett and Elisa Jimenez had a busy day Saturday making their way from The Garden State Plaza in Paramus NJ to The Westchester in White Plains NY where they greeted fans and sipped red wine at Neiman Marcus.

Dueling a cappella choirs of young Glee-types sang in the background - a festive holiday gathering.

They were each much taller than I anticipated but as slim as I expected. Austin is rocking a mustache these days and Elisa is exotically beautiful. Both are as charming and as gracious as any fan could expect. They signed All Stars posters (mine has a special backwards wish from Elisa) and photos, hopped up down to take pictures with fans of all ages and chatted as if they had all the time in the world for each of us.

They both enjoyed Project Runway the second time around and promised that the challenges will be fun to watch and very different from what we saw during their seasons. They also promised great designs to enjoy and that all the designers really showed great creativity and technical expertise.

During filming, Austin and Elisa became good friends and he also enjoyed getting to know Kenley, Kara (one of my all time favorites) and Anthony Williams. Elisa told me that she's much more herself on All Stars than she was on Season 4 - she really has spirit and positive energy to share. To stay in touch, Elisa invited her fans to take cell phone pictures of her fabric business card - so unique.

After hugs and kisses, I said good-bye and wandered off, as Elisa would say.

I can't wait to re-connect with Team BPR and all the regulars the BPR Party Room on January 5.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!