Saturday, December 10, 2011

Project Accessory Episode 6 Recap from Courtney A. Hammonds

Knock Knock BPRs! It’s your Image Architect, Courtney A. Hammonds.

Six Episodes in and six remaining Designers! Last week, the contestants ended up in destination central Coney Island (YEAH!!!) And Shea was eliminated!

Episode 6 Highlights: The designers will have a scheduled meeting with acclaimed designer Kenneth Cole in his design studio! How exciting for the designers because they're going to be doing something spectacular for Mr. Kenneth Cole! Each designer will be "assigned" a look from his Holiday 2011 collection.

Side Note: Let me first say, that I unequivocally Love Kenneth Cole. He is a great business mogul, humanitarian, but lacks excitement! Loosen up Kenneth! Remember, I still love you though (in my innocent voice.)

Back to recapping! The designers’ challenge is to craft a clutch to go with the assigned outfit along with another accessory of their choice. The winner will have their designs sold under Mr. Cole’s fashion label! Don’t get too excited because the winning designer won't get any currency! All the profits will go to fund AIDS research. Cole finishes by telling all of the designers not to screw up. The designers are each given $150 to shop and a half hour to sketch.

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