Saturday, December 17, 2011

Project Accessory Episode 7 recap from Courtney A. Hammonds

Is it Haute or Insect Couture?

Joyeuses Fetes and Buone Feste BPRs! It’s your Image Architect, Courtney A. Hammonds. Last week acclaimed designer Kenneth Cole and this week Insect Couture? The things 5 designers have to go through (smile!) Oh, I started my hellos with Happy Holidays in French and Italian.

Episode 7 Highlights:

The designers were taken on an inspiration trip to chic yet creepy Evolution in the SOHO district of New York City. Evolution is an eccentric shop that sells all types of natural history collectibles, where countless creative minds go for inspiration. The designers were given an evening gown from Elie Tahari and were asked to create accessory pieces inspired by their bug/insects to enrich the gowns. This week all is on the line because not one but two designers will be eliminated. PRESSURE! The designers were given a budget of $200.00.

The bug/insect selections were endless. Diego again plays it safe and picks a beautiful but practical butterfly; Christina picks a green leaf something; Brian (no comment); Nina overcame her expressed fear of insects and picked a spider. Last, Rich (my on again off again fan favorite) selected a distinctive creature (Beetle).

Sidebar: I should mention all the bugs were dead.

I guess I should have started with the gown assortment! Brian was given first dibs based on last week’s exhibition. He picked an elegant black gown; Christina picked the most decorative piece with embroidery (green accents); Rich picked an Angelina Jolie inspired dress (maroon) and Nina picked a cream number. OK, you should be caught up.

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