Saturday, December 03, 2011

Project Accessory Episode 5 Recap from Courtney Hammonds

Professor Courtney Hammonds offers us this recap of "Beach Blanket Blingo." Thank you Courtney!

Sea Shells or She Shells!

Welcome Back “Project Accessory” Recap Readers! It’s me your Image Architect, Courtney A. Hammonds. One week off is too much time apart and I’m still full of turkey. Let’s take a fashion catch-up and RECAP!

Episode 5 Highlights:

This week’s Challenge: The designers were asked to create not one, but three accessory pieces ranging from a pair of sandals, a headpiece and an accessory of their choice to complement the total look. Oh, I neglected to state that this week’s challenge is centered on beachwear and there is no immunity.

Like previous episodes, this challenge paused with a surprise. The designers were told that they will be taken somewhere away from the workroom, for inspiration. Wonder where this INSPIRATION is? Could it be Miami, Sea Island (No pun intended) or even Italy! To the challengers surprise and to my dismay, it’s Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York (yeah in my sarcastic voice)!

Side Note: Okay, where is the inspiration? Better yet where is the surprise? I guess this is where you make lemonade out of lemons.

To soften the blow, the contestants were given a crisp $100.00 bill to assist in their creations. Better, the challengers were able to use the money wherever they could find inspiration (from the beach, or local brick and mortar stores.)

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