Saturday, December 03, 2011

Project Accessory Episode 5 Recap from Second City Style

Our friends at Second City Style offer these memorable quotes:

“Hello! You guys don’t look excited. You look scared.” – Molly Sims

“We might be going to Barcelona or we might be going to Florida… I hope it’s somewhere fun.” – Diego

“I think I just stepped in bird poop. Ahhh!” – Nina

“It’s a fine line between looking effortless chic and looking really tacky.” – Nina

“So, the concept of my look is very primitive tribal from an alien race.” – Brian

“I looked at Brian’s look and I think he may have gone a little too far with the fish Ice Capades thing.” – Nina

“Where’s my needle and thread? Why’s everything black?!” – Shea

“Seashells in a beach competition… It seems a bit obvious to me.” – Rich

“I don’t like the shoes. I wrote ‘cupcakes’ when they walked out on the runway.” – Ariel

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