Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BPR Field Report From Project Runway Season 10 Party

Project Runway knows how to party and they did it right on a beautiful New York summer night suspended on the Highline in New York City for the exclusive 10th Anniversary party for Project Runway. What a SEW!  Ten years! What an amazing accomplishment!

Everyone was showing off the success with contestants from all seasons including, season one winner Jay McCarroll, season  four hottie Jack Mackenroth, season six finalist Althea Harper, the quirky and delightful season two stand-out Andrae Gonzalo, a thinner All-Star finalist Michael Costello, and season nine runner up Joshua McKinley.

Viktor Luna was stylishly cool with black and white striped pants. The room was filled with fun-loving creative people and boy could you feel it! Heidi Klum made her way around the room as beautiful as ever. A million more pictures exist of her now!

 Other favorites of the night??? ...The sweet Kara Janx who is absolutely the most humble shining person you will ever meet. It was great to meet Malan Breton accompanied by his model Grace who was rockin his newest look.

Wesley Nault, Oliver Green, Nicholas D'Aurizio, Emilio Sosa, and Chris March were all creatively styled and poised making their way through the crowds.


Can't wait until the fall to see how these designers challenge themselves creatively, and which of these will be in the new season of All-Stars??? 

It was a vivid and colorful atmosphere with so many fascinating people who support and encourage each other. In fact all through the night the topic of conversation is when is September going to be see what everyone is creating...and wearing!