Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BPR Interview with Mondo Guerra

Project Runway All-Star Champion, Mondo Guerra talks about his Neiman Marcus Collection, his new line of eyeglasses  for SEE Eyewear, his latest campaign for Merck and more.

Thank you Mondo!

A highlight:

MG: ...right now I am working on the Neiman Marcus Collection and I really want to do it right, so I am concentrating on that right now. I want this to be accessible to my fans and I know that they are looking forward to it. I understand that they are maybe getting a little impatient, but I will try to make it worth the wait. Also, I want to time this all to hit at the same time so that I can make a real impact.

 BPR: How many pieces are in the collection for Neiman Marcus? 

 MG: Ken and I got together and originally started with about 22 pieces. You know how I work - I am going in with 250 pieces and I have designed all the accessories, and the tags and all of the prints and everything else. I treated this as an artist. Anyway, we have narrowed everything down to about 12-15 pieces, but it might drop down to about nine. It is a true capsule collection. 

 BPR: Will you be at Fashion's Night Out? 

 MG: I will be there, yes. 

 BPR: Is there a specific location? 

 MG: I will be at a major retail location along with other Project Runway designers.

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