Friday, December 14, 2012

BPR Interview with Casanova

Project Runway All-Star Designer, Casanova, talks about his experience on the show.

A highlight:

BPR: Did you know Emilio before appearing on All-Stars? 

 C: I had heard of him because during his season, so many people in every corner of Puerto Rico, people were telling me "Oh my gosh, Casanova, do you know Emilio, he is Dominican on Project Runway." Everyone in Puerto Rico loved Emilio and a Dominican is like a brother to a Puerto Rican. So I watched him on Youtube.

 I was very happy to meet him. We were very close. He was my roommate. We spoke the whole night in Spanish. He took care of me when I was sick. I was close to the designers in my season, but it was not the same as being able to speak with Emilio in my own language. 

 BPR: Are you still working with Ivy? 

 C: No. Before All Stars we were working on her collection and we finished. If she needs help for her next collection I hope she will call me.

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Thank you Casanova!