Thursday, October 01, 2009

Amanda's Take - Episode Six

You can definitely see how the models had a huge role in the judging this week because not only were they modeling - they were acting too! I have to say, my favorite this week was Lisa wearing "Action and Adventure" by Carol Hannah. When she walked out, I just said "oooohh" and "I want to wear that!" You could definitely see who the character was right away and it made a strong presence on TV. I also loved Althea's "Film Noir" look!! Tanisha embodied what it was all about! When she did the little dabbing with the handkerchief I was blown away! I don't know why these designs were overlooked here.. I agree that the snow queen was pretty fabulous, but the others I mentioned were as well, and seemed to be wearable - maybe they wanted more "costumey."

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