Saturday, October 03, 2009

Korto Momolu at Boston Fashion Week

BPR Field Reporter Tina G was at Korto's Show in Boston and send us this report - thanks Tina!

As she always has, Korto remained true to her point-of-view. She infuses her African heritage in her designs without making them costume-y. The effect is subtle, yet truly evident. She had some beautiful knit pantsuits a long, flowly dresses. I love her short dresses made of denim and of kente cloth. They are perfect for a summer day or night out. Her handbags were featured in the show as well. I see the black, fringed bag in my future.

I went backstage to see if I could have a chat with Korto. She was absolutely mobbed! Her fans wanted to take picture after picture with her. The press was finally able to pull her away and then THEY started taking pictures! Korto sported a new short and sassy haircut and looked radiant! She was happy to take a picture with every fan and was very gracious despite all the chaos.

I did manage to speak to her for a moment. I told her that I loved how she represented her heritage. She replied, "I have to!" I asked her about her handbag line and she said they will soon be featured in Dillard's department store!