Friday, November 06, 2009

BPR Love for Gordana Gehlhausen

You had us at "Give me a sheep and I'll make you a sweater" but you showed us that your oeuvre included much more than knitwear. You came to the show with a compelling back story as a creative girl from a small Serbian village who eventually was able to start the GOGA line of clothing here in the United States. On Project Runway we saw your affinity for complicated construction as you often created entirely new textiles from the yardage that you purchased. We watched you triumph in the "A Fashionable New Beginning" challenge and this week we saw you inspired by Monet's "The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in Morning Light" at the Getty. You exited on a high note as Heidi Klum said that your garment was closest to the inspiration and Cindy Crawford remarked that she could see herself wearing your look. And, Gordana, don't forget that Tim was genuinely impressed with your ethereal gown. We, too, were impressed and, yes, we want to see more! Please keep us informed of your many, future triumphs.

This post is only for positive words for Gordana Gehlhausen. If you have negative commentary or something to say about another designer, you may do so in our Reactions post here.

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