Monday, November 16, 2009

Top 5 Looks: 4th Place

Gordana Gehlhausen had been there and done that. As the line of divorcees introduced themselves on the runway in "A Fashionable New Beginning", they all stated how long they had been divorced. "Three months", said the first. "Congratulations!", retorted Gordana. She knew where these women were coming from and it helped inspire this winning design.

The nine remaining designers were challanged to transform their clients' wedding dresses into something chic. Using only the lining from her client Annie's dress, Gordana hand dyed the fabric and cut it into strips. She created an asymetrical neckline and frayed the edges between the strips to produce this fantastic dress that Michael Kors called both elegant and edgy.

This challenge really struck home for Gordana and she poured her heart into the work. With her hands stained from dye, Gordana called home in tears to connect with her family. We already were cheering her on this season but that scene just made us love her more.

All season long we scratched our heads over the inexplicable criticism over Gordana's work. Heidi still had to qualify the judges' love for this look by saying "You did a good job this time". Heidi and Co. would get their last licks in before it was all over, but this time, Gordana walked away a winner. Congratulations Gordana!