Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top 5 Looks: 1st Place

One of the lessons we've learned over the years with Project Runway is that you don't necessarily have to win to end up a winner. Rodney Epperson, or simply Epperson as we came to know him is certainly a case in point. The elder statesman of Season 6 was a constant source of calm wisdom during his run and truly one of the nicest guys ever cast. He also showed that he was a pretty damn talented designer as well.

In "Lights, Camera, Sew!", the 11 remaining designers were asked to pick from five different film genres and invent a character that lives in that genre to design for. None of the designers wanted Western, including Epperson. But with his name drawn last out of the magic bag, he had to figure out a way to "make it work".

Many designers could have been foiled by the task at hand and boxed in by the constraints of the genre. But Epperson was able to let his creative spirit shine and came up with a character that had a modern parallel. "My concept is a beautiful lady, and her husband is off to war. She has to take care of the land and she has to become a lot tougher."

Epperson designed a denim dress with a large, seductive ruffled collar and neckline. A big highlight of the outfit was a wide leather belt and matching holster. "There's a gun under there, just in case", as he stated on the runway. The judges loved it and although he was a strong contender for the win, he lost out to Nicolas Putvinski's Ice Princess.

Then again, maybe it was all about Matar. Look at that photo up there. Do you want to mess with her? Me, neither! Matar owned this look and ended up modeling three of the Top 5 looks in our poll.

Congratulations Epperson, you designed the BPR Top Look from Season 6!